Nine comes with very big feelings…very big emotions. Nine puts him in a place where he wants to be cuddled and needs security but he needs solitude and privacy just as much. Nine is when some days he wants to run around silly with all of his friends and other days he prefers to be the center of the adult conversation, complete with his own cup of coffee. Nine is sweet and gentle. Nine can better articulate feelings than eight. Nine is slowly wanting to learn to stand up for himself. Nine is contemplative but goofy. Nine is a beautiful, tumultuous beginning of a long storm. Nine reminds me to hold on tight and embrace the little because the little is slipping away.

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2 thoughts on “NINE.

  1. So beautiful…Is there more?

  2. Those images are wonderful.

    Nine is one of those ages where they teeter. You know they’re going down the far side at some point, but you can still relish some of those tender moments while they are still available. Mine is nine, and you describe him so well…

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