(Hypocrite?) An Homage To Effie Trinket

Our family has recently enjoyed reading The Hunger Games together. I know…is reading The Hunger Games with an eight year old appropriate? I think that question should be answered on an individual basis, and that topic is certainly for an entirely different blog post, perhaps at a later date. I give this piece of information to give a little insight into this post.

Noah is OBSESSED with “The Capitol.” Not the political aspects of “The Capitol,” but the fashion. He loves the outrageous hair, makeup and dress. He recently stated that he wanted to have a dress up night where we all pretend to be each others’ prep team. Let me just say that during and after we were “prepping” him was the most excited I’ve seen him in a long, LONG time! I feel like, between his short stint in public school and his father, his creative spirit has been partially squashed when it comes to clothes and fashion. I saw that spark come back after he saw himself in the mirror after just having his makeup done by his prep team. I felt butterflies in my belly, I was so happy at how happy HE acted. So happy that he was happy, that we chose to do a little stocking up on some more makeup for him and go in for a Round Two.

This brings me to another thought. One of feeling like a huge hypocrite. You see, if Noah were my daughter, there would be this part of me that worried that *she* only wants to dress up and put on tons of makeup because of societal pressures, not because it is a ridiculously fun form of creative expression. I would like to think that I would be supportive and play along, painting her up just like Effie Trinket. It’s hard to convince myself that I would feel ok about it, though. It’s hard to think that there wouldn’t be this nagging desire in the back of my heart, telling me to tell her how beautiful she is WITHOUT makeup, thus taking all of the fun out of it. Since he’s my son, I go forth with gusto, and paint his face up until it’s hardly recognizable. I applaud him for going against the grain, for feeling safe with me to express his creativity in such a way. I support him. Just like I always have, and just like I always will.

Honestly, I think that having such a creative, adventurous son has taught me so, so much. More than I had ever thought was possible. I mean…by no means did I think I was perfect, but damn if this kid hasn’t humbled me a hundred times over in the past eight years! And as much as I cringe at how much pressure is put on our kids to look a certain way these days, it’s thanks to Noah that I can honestly say that I now see the distinct difference between getting “made up” to conform and makeup as a form of creative expression. He’s not trying to hide flaws or look like some Photoshopped waif of a model in a magazine. He’s doing this because it’s FUN!

Homage to Effie-4 Homage to Effie-5 Homage to Effie-7 Homage to Effie-10 Homage to Effie-11

…and this is about when he’s tired of me taking photos…

Homage to Effie-9

…there it is! The goofy side of my boy that I love so much. This is his *polite* way of saying “I’m done, it’s time to move on!”

Homage to Effie-13

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3 thoughts on “(Hypocrite?) An Homage To Effie Trinket

  1. He absolutely shines in those photos; thank you for sharing them with us! It would be wonderful if all children (and adults!) could express such creativity without, as you say, attempting to conform.

  2. scribblenubbin on said:

    He is adorable, and he has an amazing mother. Yes those doubts would be there if you had a daughter, but you’d rise above them. Child led play is a major thing for both the child and the adult involved. It says “I trust you”.

    Noah looks amazing in the photos and you are the sort of parent so many of us on non-binary of the gender spectrum could only have wished to have growing up. Keep rocking on!

  3. Awesome cllection of pics

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