Learn Freely, Live Freely

Math lessons aren’t always worksheets at a desk or table. Neither is any other subject, to be honest. To learn is to live, and to live is to learn. We don’t need tests to assess where Noah is with his learning skills if he’s constantly using them right in front of me, every day. I know his abilities. Tests are for a system that has too many children to handle all at once to REALLY know each of them individually: their strengths, their weaknesses, where they excel and where they need help.

Hikes in the woods, reading (always reading), baking, playing strategy games, practicing violin, performing with an orchestra, creative free play, trips to the library (returning home with multiple bags of books), reading out loud to each other, creating lists, writing love notes, playdates, museums, homeschool meetups…this is our every day life. We learn freely, and we live freely. Is it always easy? Nothing in life worth having is always easy, so no. But to watch him grow, to facilitate his learning in a creative, loving environment trumps taking the path of least resistance. Always.Life Of Learning_web

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