Follow Your Heart

My goals in raising my son are pretty simple: I want him to grow to be a kind, sensitive, strong individual. I want him to love this earth, love others as well as love himself. I want him to always want to better this world around him; to never stop growing and to never stop seeing the good in so much of what surrounds him. In order to be all of these things, he must first be happy from within. He must feel happy, confident and loved; he must feel confident in who he is as an individual. The way that young, vulnerable children become strong, confident adults is not by those who are supposed to love them the most making them feel as if they are not “ok” the way they are. It is not by their parents or caretakers trying to mold them into something they just are not. Strength and confidence come from unconditional love. Strength and confidence come from support from loved ones. The world is a crazy place and children need to know they can let down their guard at home and be happy…JUST. AS. THEY. ARE.

I am SO happy and grateful that Noah has all of this here in his hometown community. Even my parents have come around and accept and love him unconditionally, which makes my heart feel so incredibly full. See? Even stubborn, old school grandpas can prove there’s always something to learn in life…always room for personal growth. The color pink does not define Noah as a person. It’s a color…one that has happened to be his favorite color his entire life. His choice to still love Hello Kitty doesn’t make him any less of a boy than his new found passion for cars. He vehemently chooses a path of vegetarianism, eating vegan 99.999% of the time…when there’s not Halloween candy taunting him. Although I’m vegan, I NEVER force my choices upon him, that would be unfair to him and extremely hypocritical and self righteous of me. If I weren’t vegan, tricking him or forcing him to eat otherwise would be downright cruel. He is his own person and it is one of my goals as a parent to be sure he always will be. Noah Sage is a beautiful old soul and, more than anything, I want him to always stay true to himself…and always follow his sweet, sweet heart.

Follow Your Heart

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2 thoughts on “Follow Your Heart

  1. Robinson, Walter S. on said:

    Thank you for sharing. You have a wonderful child, and you have a moral sentiment worthy of emulation. If all parents around the world had the same educational philosophy and practice as you, if all children would be raised as your child is, then it would be a much better world for everyone indeed!


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