Spending Our Time Well.

Rumor has it we have been missed. Comments on the blog, comments on Facebook, comments in real life. We hear you. We hear you loud and clear! And I must say, it’s nice to know that we are missed and loved. I do apologize to our followers for our lack of presence this fall and winter, but they have been seasons of much change. Family split, two moves, starting a new (full time) school, a larger work load, Noah being involved with violin/orchestra and ballet and some really yucky winter bugs…we just haven’t found much time to sit and reflect lately!

All of these shifts in our lives have been good. There are always hiccups and complications that come along with life changes but, for the most part, life is beautiful. We have, though, been finding ourselves missing the simplicity of homeschooling lately. We miss the interactions that we had with our homeschooling friends, many of whom we’ve known since Noah’s infancy. We miss keeping a schedule that seems more organic, more true to our natural rhythms. We miss pursuing topics that fit with Noah’s interests at the very moment he wishes, and being able to delve into the topics as deeply as we are able, for as long as we’d like. We miss our connection with nature that we had. We try very hard to keep that connection but it’s squeezed into our already busy lives in a way that is not nearly as satisfying as before. But there are new connections and new experiences that come along with our new schedule that would not have come otherwise. I feel like our honeymoon phase with public school has passed and we have moved into our every day reality of life in the system. As far as public schools go in our area, I certainly couldn’t imagine being anywhere else, but it’s still public school. Ahhhh, the joy of being a mama with utopian dreams.

The free time that we do have is spent well, which is why we have been quiet on the blog. We go to plays, symphony and dance performances. We spend afternoons in our favorite hiding spots in the woods, with our favorite friends…hiking, splashing and exploring the natural and make believe world. We have pitch in dinners with friends and play games (Catan Jr and Yatzee being the current favorites!) There are indoor splash parks, roller skating parties, bike rides on nice days, quiet moments at book stores and much more. We have a hard time sitting still, we do!

Knowing, however, that our presence here is much anticipated by some, is enough to encourage me to come back more often, even when I feel strapped for time. Keep after me, stop in and say hello and hold me accountable for keeping up with He Sparkles! We all need the extra encouragement at times, no? 😉


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4 thoughts on “Spending Our Time Well.

  1. I’ve missed you both. I love your photographs of Noah, and I love his sparkliness and his obvious joy in life.

    Keep at it.

  2. I’ve been reading this blog ever since we met at the 13th Check Video Shoot months ago! I love it and would love to see you write more – though I understand the challenges of keeping up with a blog. Know that I’m a dedicated reader though!

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