The Cream Of The Crop

I love that so many friends are always sending me links to amazingly heart-warming and encouraging stories. This one gets put on the top of my list and this man pretty much rocks! Check it out:

(Editing to add this article, too)

Here’s another great piece that has his the rounds lately:

This particular quote in the article really resonated with me…and made my heart ache and smile at the same time:

“At a coffee shop near their Cambridge home, his father told me that he initially discouraged James from wearing dresses in public as much to protect his own ego as that of his son. But his embarrassment has long since turned to pride. “He’s just this very brave person,” the father said. “I’ve learned so much from him. . . . In college I remember wondering why the femme gay guy wouldn’t just act more butch so people wouldn’t give him a hard time. I didn’t think it was right for people to give him a hard time, but I thought, Hey, you bring it on yourself. Now I know that’s wrong. My son showed me this is part of core identity, not something people just put on or take off. And it’s not their job to make sure we’re all comfortable.”

Noah’s teacher asked me yesterday what my hopes were for him in the future. Amongst many other things I said that I hoped he could continue on through life with the same level of self confidence and self worth that he has now, and that I hoped that wouldn’t be stripped away from him by the world, or more importantly anyone close to him who is supposed to love him unconditionally. She smiled. And agreed. :O)

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