New Friends

Recently we headed south to cover a mountain bike event. Noah loves being right in the middle of everything during these events: he loves to observe, he loves to participate, he loves to socialize, he loves to “help.” Over the years he has befriended the IMBA Mountain Bike Patrol volunteers. Who’s to blame him? They are all around awesome guys! At the latest event his best buddy, Paul, brought his son with him. (A preface here: Noah was wearing a hot pink sport skirt and an equally pink cycling jersey.) The initial conversation went something like this:

George: Hi, I’m George! Nice to meet you!
Noah: (Silently waves)
George: (Staring at Noah intently) What is your favorite color?
Noah: (Pauses long and hard) What is YOUR favorite color?
George: MY favorite color is HOT pink!
Noah: (Eyes as bright as the sun) MY favorite color is ANY kind of pink.

And there, folks, is where they traveled off into the pink sunset…barely to be seen by a single adult for the rest of the day. Even in a testosterone laced environment we find acceptance!


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2 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. scutaloo on said:

    Oh, I was a bit afraid to read the boys’ conversation… but it turned out great and so heartmelting!

  2. I live in MO, and people are not very accepting of differences here. My boy is a fairly typical cis male, but neither he nor I buy into the prescribed gender roles. We are happy to shop for clothes from any department. I think the only department he owns nothing from is the men’s. =) He likes funky socks, which are pretty much only available in women’s and girls’ sections, and he likes funky pj’s, too, and isn’t terribly picky about where they come from. He has girls’ and now an extra-small pair women’s pj’s in addition to the more “normal” boys’ ones. But he is sensitive to being made fun of, or being made to feel “other”, and will only wear things in public that won’t get him noticed over much. Recently, my mom bought him a very plain, standard t-shirt that happens to be pink, and he refused to wear it for the longest time. He used to love pink–it was his favorite color, until he was old enough that he noticed that people don’t approve of pink for boys. That really made me sad, and I’ve been working hard for these last three or four years to bolster his courage and get him to see that other people’s opinions don’t count for much. Today I talked him into trying the pink shirt–I said I thought people were more open-minded than even a few years ago, and the kids who pick and pick and don’t let things go are perhaps not terribly smart (not pc, I know…) and are bullies and their opinions just don’t count for much and shouldn’t be given much consideration. He was worried about his soccer team at practice, but I told him if anybody gave him any crap, he should get his coach to help, and if the coach didn’t, he could get my help. I should mention that he even has a girl on his team. I hadn’t thought of it, but I bet she felt a little more welcome today… =) Anyway, he wore his shirt all day, and got several compliments (because pink really does flatter him) and no negative comments, so by the end of the day, I think he was feeling pretty good. I think it helps that when he used to get those negative comments, he was much younger, and people weren’t sure if he was a boy or a girl. Now, even with long curls and a pink shirt, he is clearly a boy–and a very self-confident, popular, stylish one at that. I don’t think anyone would have any call for giving him crap, or even think of it at this point, but it was hard to get him to see that.
    Ok, this got really long, and I think I lost track of my point, if I had one.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us; I really enjoy the blog. =)

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