A Good Start

Yesterday was Noah’s first day at school. I had the normal apprehensions that most have, and maybe a little more. Noah excitedly dressed himself in his school uniform, all of the pieces which he picked out himself. On the drive to drop him off my mind raced: Will the other kids be kind? What will the teacher say? Will the administration grumble because he is technically not up to the dress code of “boys?” What will it all be like and will we be happy?

The classroom was warm and welcoming, just as I had remembered when we toured. As a Reggio Emilia school, it’s set up much like a Montessori classroom. The children were all sitting on mats playing in various areas of the room. His teacher introduced herself once again and guided Noah around the room, offering him many activities to participate in for the next twenty minutes. He was incredibly anxious and a bit clingy, which was unusual for his norm, but typical during big transitions.

While he played a bit, I spoke with his teacher about a few things, namely his choice of attire and the support that I hoped we would get in the school environment. When I brought it up, her response was like a warm blanket around my heart. She said that she is there to make sure that each child is embraced as their own unique individual and she wants to support and encourage them in their own journeys. While I was already a little emotionally vulnerable at the time, I’m not going to lie…she made me cry a bit. And then she hugged me.

When I tried to finally leave, after *I* was reassured, Noah suddenly started crying and clung to me. After several minutes of trying to calm him down I trusted his teacher to care for him and I left. I waited in the office to find out that he stopped crying as soon as I walked out of the room. After having a conversation with the principal that was very much like the one with his teacher, I went to the car…with an invitation to call in a couple of hours to check on him. Of course, he was fine. And then the teacher called me at lunch to give me an update of how great things were going.

Fast forward to pick up time and Noah is all smiles. He had a great day, made new friends and was ready to go back today. On the way out I asked him to tell me about his favorite part of the day: It was the yoga and the lavender eye pillows in yoga. ;O)

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3 thoughts on “A Good Start

  1. roneydapony1 on said:

    He looks AWESOME! So glad that Noah had an solid first day. That teacher would have made me cry too!

  2. reggiedad on said:

    It’s all so natural on him. He looks so cool and relaxed. You’re a great mom. Having been a genderfluid boy myself (half a century ago, imagine) I know how good it does to have a mom like you. Mine was probably as tolerant as possible at that time but no comparison.

  3. I am an absolute sucker for box-pleats. He looks great, and it’s fantastic he fit in so well.

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