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3 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Beautiful – your boy and your photography. Thanks for sharing!

  2. cedric on said:

    Hi there,

    first I need to say that I only learned English at school, so please ask if something is not clear.
    I can’t even tell how I found your Blog, but I’m really happy about it. I started reading your Blog on Monday and was nearly unable to stop for sleeping or studying. Read every single entry now. At the Moment, I got some problems concerning my emotions – or, to be honest, a lack of them. At some point in my childhood i started to … block(?) most emotions towards other people and now, at 24, that left me with … well, like a big hole inside of me. Simply feeling empty. I have already contacted a psychologist but it will take some time untill there is any effect.

    BUT: While reading your Blog and especially seeing those pictures of Noah, this hole was covered for a short time and even remembering of what I saw and read here helps.
    I dont really know which words to use… Noah is so full of joy, so happy – it would be enough for more than one life. The german word is “Lebensfreude”. Just by looking at those pictures I can nearly feel it, just like a beacon of hope or so. I lack the words to describe it. It’s like balm for my soul.

    Please, no matter what might come in the future, continue supporting Noah as much as you can. The path you chose, not to follow the idea of typical boys/girls of the society and letting Noah be him, might be a hard one, but I think it’s the best one. Should I ever have children myself, I will try to be as open-minded as you.

    Greetings from Germany


    PS: His wonderful blue eyes… like an ocean. I nearly got lost in them.

    • Cedric,
      Your comment made me cry: with sadness, with happiness and with pride. It makes me sad to think that people have to go through life with such feelings of sadness and emptiness. It makes me happy to know that our blog can bring you some level of joy. It makes me proud that Noah walks his own path and I encourage him to always do so. I hope to hear more from you, Cedric, and I hope that you find a path in life that brings you joy. :O)

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