Noah LOVES getting “dressed up” for events and tonight is no exception. I recently received a little surprise in the mail from a dear friend: she sent us two complimentary tickets to a Dance Kaleidoscope performance. Since I have been able to spend more time with Noah lately I decided that Scott and Noah should get the tickets. So, while he was already in his hot pink super suit and glitter cape for his last day of school, Noah felt he must look a little more “refined” for the performance. He ran into his room and dug out his plaid skull shorts (refined, what??), his favorite cardigan sweater and a long, faux fur trimmed “cloak”…oh, and his skull shoes. :O) He looked reeeeeally hard for his top hat but to no avail. I blame it on the seven 6 year olds running amok in the house for Noah’s going away party, which I’ll post about later. But, I digress, he was only somewhat disappointed that he couldn’t find his top hat. Instead, he just put a rather large glop of leave in conditioner in his hair, brushed it out and admired himself dramatically in the mirror until Scott moved him out the door. But not before I could snap a few shots…of them being FABULOUS! :O) Now…if we could only get Scott into dressing up, too!

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One thought on “Fabulous!

  1. kipwinger on said:

    Wha?! I dressed up! That is a BLUE shirt and RED sunglasses…not black on black. How much more dressed up can I get?!

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