Excuse #1,482

I’m sitting on the hardwood floor in Noah’s room (and do I mean HARD…OUCH!) working on the computer while he sleeps. Tonight there were monsters in the reading nook, he was certain of it. Tonight, I didn’t care if there were monsters in the reading nook…it’s simply excuse #1,482 to be near him just a little while longer. I hope that my recent desire to curl up next to him at night isn’t affecting his psyche in any negative way. I know it’s probably up there on my husband’s list of frustrations right now. I’m sure that, pushing past the frustration, there’s a bit of empathy since he has many, many miles impeding his relationship with his son on an almost constant basis.

So, while Noah is now asleep and I’m free to go if I’d like, I’m going to curl up next to him yet again. He sleeps longer in the morning when I do. I like being woke up at random moments throughout the night because I’m getting cuddled and his curls are in my face. I love that it’s innumerable six year old kisses that wake me in the morning. I’m taking it all in so that I can have an extra boost while he’s gone.

And on that note, it’s time to cuddle. For those of you who are probably still wondering how my brother’s wedding went: It was fantastic. :O) I can’t wait to share a very happy day with everyone!

For now, I offer an image of my sweet boy in a moment of pure joy. I’m so lucky these moments outnumber the rough ones.


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