The Bad With The Good…

Tonight. Tonight was hell. It crept upon me unexpectedly. Usually I see these moments coming. Tonight, I didn’t. It started with Noah not feeling like I read enough. It ended with us both emotionally and physically exhausted…two hours later.

Noah has the rare emotional outburst that would drive any parent to drink. Tonight was one of those moments. Thankfully, it ended with him curled up in my lap, apologizing and willingly talking about things. It ended with me NOT having the productive work night that I had expected. It ended with cuddles and snuggles. It also ended with a graciously accepted growler of beer from two of my close friends.

So whilst I *SHOULD* be working on a job that is on a serious deadline…I closed out those files in Lightroom and opened up the folder of images from the camping trip that Noah and I took last week. I needed to be brought back to the good. And it worked.

No matter where the emotional pendulum swings, Noah’s a fucking awesome kid. Call it genes. Call it good parenting. Call it nothing but dumb luck. He kicks ass. So in the end, I know that these little blips on the radar will add up to a whole lot of nothing. When I look back twenty years from now, or even ten years, I’m going to remember times like our last camping trip. I’m going to remember creek stomping, hiking, geode hunting, campfires, s’mores, night hikes, our biggest geode to date, sleeping bag cuddles, early morning hikes and looking in the rear view mirror to see my beautiful little boy sound asleep with his two stuffed pals curled up around him. I’m going to smile because I will know that we’ve created some beautiful memories together. Memories that will outshine the bad ones. That is, after all, true love.


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3 thoughts on “The Bad With The Good…

  1. Fantastic! It’s so true too, isn’t it? True love is all the good stuff peppered with bad, because that’s what makes the good SO DAMN GOOD! I think you are amazing.

  2. If we didn’t have bad times, what would we have to make the good times shine even brighter?

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