This is why I love homeschooling. Noah becomes interested in something…like really interested, and we can work it so that all of our subjects (or most of them) are wrapped up into that one topic. This is called child led learning.

He’s recently taken interest in arrowheads and spearheads…which grew into a fascination for Native American history. So we study up on flint knapping on YouTube. We get book after book from the library to soak up information about Native American history and culture, as well as the general history of man…aka physical anthropology. Noah reads some of the books. I read others out loud to him. We took a field trip to the Eiteljorg Museum to see artifacts and art.

The most fun we’ve had with this lately is spending an evening being taught how to make arrow heads with our friend, Matt. Matt has been studying, practicing and teaching primitive/wilderness survival skills for many years now. So it only made sense that we gave Matt a visit when Noah wanted to learn more about the skill of knapping. Which, by the way, knapping is the art of shaping stones, glass, etc into objects such as arrowheads, spearheads and such.

Over the course of the evening with Matt, we learned about knapping (they working for nearly two hours at some glass, stone and obsidian…and even broke the bottom out of a beer bottle to use!), as well as different animal skulls, the tanning process and the making of bow and arrows. After they worked on knapping skills for quite some time we took off on an adventure in the woods. It was then that Matt showed Noah a couple of fox dens, as well as how to track different animals and how to identify (and eat!) several wild edible plants. And in the end, Noah got to go home with his very own bag filled with knapping tools! Get THAT in the kindergarten classroom!

Language Arts/Reading: DONE

Math: DONE

Science: DONE

History: DONE


Physical Education: DONE

Learning Naturally: DONE…and DONE.

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3 thoughts on “Learning…Naturally.

  1. This is fantastic. The rest of us in years past (if we were lucky enough) had such lessons limited to a few weeks of summer camp, or a particularly awesome field trip. Brava for making this part of Noah’s exploration of the world — one so easily limited by folks so eager to teach children what it is they “need” to know. Free exploration based on actual interest can teach so much more.

  2. Very cool. We homeschool, too, and love it for the same reasons. =) I love how intent both of them are in every single photo. That’s some focus!

  3. That is amazing! I am about to graduate and become an elementary school teacher. I really wish I could teach my classes that way. I plan to do my best to focus on the interests of the kids as much as possible and give them experiences like the one Noah got. It is so much easier to do that if you aren’t dealing with the structure of public schools.

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