Rise And Shine, Farrah!

First off. Somewhere, lost amongst the memories of years past, is a photograph of me at Noah’s age, sporting waist long, straight & brown hair…done up in a weak attempt to look like Farrah Fawcett. I must say that, without even trying, my son can pull off the Farrah look MUCH better than I ever could. And this is his bed head.

And speaking of bed. My little apple doesn’t fall from the tree in regards to waking up in the mornings. It’s best if he’s left to rise on his own, at his own pace. This isn’t always possible, though, when your spirited stepbrother and an equally spunky foster dog wake you up in the morning. Licks. Nips. Squeals. Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious being sung faster than real life. More puppy licks. His head quickly went under the blankets and almost nothing could bring him out. Except the promise of cocoa in his oatmeal for breakfast.

See what I mean? So. Much. Energy.

And our dog, Squirrel, is the energetic equivalent to Noah…yet Aslan needs him to wake up, as well.

So Noah and Squirrel find each other in the chaos.

While brother and pup keep each other company under the table!

But don’t worry…now that breakfast has kicked in we’re ready to try our our new long board…Willy Wonka style!

And so that’s how we spent most of the rest of the day. With the cruiser board and long board in tow, heading to a favorite riding spot to show little brother the ins and outs of skateboarding. It’s very clear that little brother, who is a very talented artist for his mere five years, would much rather be drawing most of the time but I suspect that he still has fun on the boards. For a few minutes at least. ;o)

The tongue is a useful tool for balance (like mother like son):

Showin’ what he’s got:

Tag teaming the long board:

And then someone calls it quits:

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4 thoughts on “Rise And Shine, Farrah!

  1. Boys In Dance on said:

    Maybe nothing better in a boy’s life than a brother and a dog. Except for a great Mom and Dad. A little danger never hurts and was surprised to see the boys not wearing helmets.

  2. momentary on said:

    Awesome photos, looks like fun was had by all, although my first thought was, “eek! No helmets!” They have loads of cute, pink, sparkly ones 🙂 protect that pretty head of his!

  3. What cute bed head wish mine looked that good hope you are all having fun.

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