Rainbows and Unicorns

My sparkly little bug is in a hybrid schooling situation. We homeschool three days a week and he attends school on Thursday and Friday. While I have a few complaints (for US, not necessarily others) about the curriculum and the learning style, I must say that I’m in love with the schedule. And his teacher and classmates…ahhhhhhmazing. Because we had a hard time finding a pink polo shirt (short sleeve polo style shirts of any color are uniform) that wasn’t embellished, he wore red the first week or two of school. Once we found a couple of pink shirts, there was no looking back and the red or blue shirt have not seen the light of day since then.

Before the first time that he wore his pink shirt to school, I preemptively e-mailed his teacher and gave her a heads up on his interests and fashion choices. I let her know that in our family there are no such things as girl or boy colors, toys or activities. She was very open to this and prepared herself well to handle any issues that might arise because of a <gasp!> boy in pink and sparkles in the classroom. I also put a little note about it on the classroom Facebook page that some of us parents have created. He had exactly two days of questions and comments, all of which were handled beautifully by his teacher and the parents. One of the mom’s even messaged me saying her son told her that he said pink was only for girls. She apologized profusely to me and wanted to make sure I let her know that her son had apologized to mine. Wow. I had REALLY armed myself emotionally for a more negative response than that. But from that point on, we’ve received nothing but encouraging words of support from everyone we cross paths with at his school.

Fast forward to this week. His teacher has invited each of the kids to be the “Star Student” one day this spring. His turn was Thursday. He was asked to bring two items that are special to him to share with the class, kind of like a show and tell. He, of course, brought Moo Cow. Moo Cow is a large stuffed cow that looks like it’s been under the dirty tire of a tractor a time or two. He’s had it since he was born and it’s his pillow, his sleeping buddy and his comfort. The other item he chose to take in was a 12″ bendable figure that he “inherited” from me. That figure happens to be Smeagol from Lord Of The Rings. He has also been attached to that thing for at least four years. He made some kids laugh and he scared some kids. ;O)

The cool thing that happened Thursday, though, was his teacher had each of the kids draw a picture for Noah and she subsequently put them all together in a Star Student “book” for him. Let me tell you…this book is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. Every kid in the class REALLY took the time to create something that was VERY much *him*. Even the other boys in the class were drawing Hello Kitty, rainbows and unicorns for him. I was truly touched, because it made me feel like he is not only accepted for who he is, but embraced.

I hope that he encounters acceptance and open arms like this throughout his life. I hope that for my little bug, he always finds his rainbows and unicorns.

***PS…On a side note…he received a very special package in the mail this week from Handsome In Pink! I am very excited to blog and post pictures about it but that will come next week, I promise!

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One thought on “Rainbows and Unicorns

  1. Wow. We should all learn from these kids – Noah, and his classmates. Often all they want is an answer to their question, and they accept each other at face value. We adults have a lot to learn!

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