Making Tradition

I’m not one for the whole Easter celebration. I can’t really explain why, especially since one of my favorite memories from childhood was receiving a Culture Club tape and a Stray Cats tape for Easter. I wore those tapes out and later into my early adulthood repurchased them as CDs. But up until this year, I really haven’t tried to do anything for my little bug for Easter. Last year we got him a dark chocolate bunny and some Tweets (vegan peeps)…but the dog promptly ate them. Oddly enough the dog’s still alive. He survived the chocolate and the infuriated humans. What stuck, though, was my in-laws doing a little Easter egg hunt around their home for him. Suddenly, three days before Easter, he’s asking me if we can go to the store to get some plastic eggs and have an egg hunt at the house for Easter. Ouch. My kid is trying to plan his own super cool and fun Easter…it’s time to take over. So I scrambled around and surprisingly…I think I pulled off a pretty kick ass Easter morning for him.

He woke up at 6:30am, earlier than usual, because evidently this was like a second Christmas! I think he was initially disappointed because when he came out of his room all he found was a single pink egg and a note that instructed him to follow the instructions he gets to find his surprise. Each egg that he found contained vegan jelly beans or money…and a little note with a clue on it. He was THRILLED and it took him all of five minutes to run around the house, chasing clues and eggs, to find his bright pink beach pail filled with goodies that sent him over the moon. And Mama’s already scheming the next scavenger hunt! :O) We finished the morning off with pancakes with mixed berry compote and the comics. Oh, happy day!

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4 thoughts on “Making Tradition

  1. What a fun looking Easter!

  2. Boys In Dance on said:

    Traditions and structure are important to children. They help provide bonding experiences that helps transmits values as they grow older. I think this is one tradition he will remember and cherish.

  3. I’m not really into Easter either, but a scavenger hunt is always fun.

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