Bye Bye, Baby…

It’s happening. I’m taking mental notes about it, too. Etching everything I can into my mama memory. I’m trying to permanently imbed every little detail for fear of forgetting. The kisses, snuggles and hugs. The way his soft little voice says mama. That sweet, gap-filled, baby toothed grin of his. It’s all going to go away. Sooner rather than later. This is my baby, and he’s growing up.

A string of events have occurred lately that have brought me to the realization that we are entering a different phase of childhood. You know, the phase where it’s not cool to call mom mama anymore? Or where baby teeth start to disappear and there are awkward, gaping holes that become swollen with grotesquely over-sized adult teeth? Or when the hugs are quicker and seemingly painful in public? Yep. We’re going there. I’ve recently been on the receiving end of a quick “hurry and do it before anyone sees” hug. He informed me yesterday that his mouth hurt. Come to find out it’s a loose tooth. The FIRST one. And since he’s been back from his dad’s, I’ve been called mom just as much as I have mama.


This is all new territory for me. It’s all putting me in one of those sappy, “I want to freeze time” kind of moods. I’m not good at transitions with him. Or so, I’m finding. I know this is the one and only child that I will birth into a comforting pool of water. The only one I will carry protected in my womb for ten loooooooong months. The only one I will co-sleep with until he’s two and a half. Nurse until he’s almost three. Those days are gone. That was a hard transition for me, too. Each time we reach a milestone my heartstrings feel a tug. When we reach two, three or more simultaneously…my head spins. Yet, I get through it. Then I forget a little until the next pivotal moment comes along and forces me to reminisce.

So while I reminisce…I thought I’d bring you along with me. See this picture? He was fifteen months old. Want to know what he was saying to me in this picture? Nope. It sure wasn’t mama. He had to be TRAINED to say that one, and trust me when I say I worked hard and earned it. Nope, he was saying “MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!” Just like a whiny teenager would. I fixed that, though. Real quick like. And I got nearly five good years of mama out of him and we’re headed back “there” again. Damn kid. ;o)

And yes. Damn straight he’s in seersucker.

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4 thoughts on “Bye Bye, Baby…

  1. Hey, I know that chair…many blessed moments in the lives of the little ones in our community…I feel so blessed to observe and participate…

  2. and look at those chubby feet and toes….Dying!

    hugs mama… 🙂

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