Wild Child…NOT.

So anyone who knows my little bug knows that he is, in fact, NOT a wild child. Which is why I had to laugh at the newest gadget that he has acquired at his other home, across the country. Evidently he has his very own mini bike. Just like this:

Now, before I go any further, let me just say that my sparkly child is one that I can trust implicitly, without worry that he’ll chuck himself off a cliff. I never had to worry about him sticking his finger into the light socket as an infant/toddler…that didn’t happen. The stove? He would repeatedly sign “HOT!” anytime he was within ten feet of it. Worry about him running into traffic? Not a chance. Nope. He’s deliberate. He’s cautious. He’s calculated. So much so, that after naively hopping on the mini bike for the first time and running it into his dad’s fence, he opted NOT to get back on it again the entire visit because it was too dangerous!

So, it goes without saying that I was VERY shocked that he decided to be so adventurous today and try a new “trick” on his bike. Luckily nobody was hurt…I would be heartbroken if he scared himself off of the bike!! Are you ready for this one? Be prepared to be amazed!

Drumroll, please…………………………………….

Look Ma! ONE hand!!!

And yes. He is VERY proud that he can do this now! ;o) It’s the little things, folks!

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3 thoughts on “Wild Child…NOT.

  1. kipwinger on said:

    Hah! And after I told him that didn’t outdo my one footed skateboarding, he then stuck ONE FOOT off his pedal, then went overboard and took BOTH FEET off! Soon he’ll be hucking himself off cliffs.

    P.S. – I won’t tell you about the very uncalculated bike riding into the middle of the Monon when you weren’t around. 😉

  2. For some reason my 26 year old brother cannot ride a bike one handed. No joke.

  3. Hello from Vermont! Great blog! 🙂

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