Just Because

I couldn’t help myself but think he looked “pretty” this day. Then it occurred to me how specified our adjectives are for girls and for boys. What’s wrong with a girl being handsome or a boy being pretty? I asked him that day if he liked to be thought of as pretty. His answer was a very emphatic yes. While I don’t necessarily like placing great importance on physical attributes, we’d all be lying if we said we never told our kids that they looked cute/pretty/handsome. So after he let me know that he LIKES being considered pretty as opposed to handsome or some other masculine term…I let him know that he looked very pretty!

Have a lovely day everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. bindance on said:

    No one can deny that he is pretty! Whatever builds his self-esteem and confidence can only be positive.

  2. You know, I don’t do so well with gender specificity. My son is pretty typical, but I refer to him as pretty or beautiful all the time. He told me once he thought it was inappropriate (not necessarily in those words) for me to say that, because he’s a boy. I told him I’m his mom, and to me, he’s beautiful, and that moms get to say things like that. He hasn’t complained about it again. *shrug* I think my boy is the most beautiful thing in the universe, but yours is pretty darned close. =)

  3. gmark78 on said:

    Supper cute! I’m surprised he hasn’t asked for pierced ears yet. Two little studs are the only thing missing.

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