My Baby In Blue

{Since my Sparkly Boy is out of town this week I’m posting images from our adventures LAST week!}

When my little bug was a baby I was VERY careful not to impose gender stereotypes on him. You know…like put him in dude-like sports clothing that told that world that he was a “Little Champ” or anything of the sort. There were no monster trucks or footballs on his onesies. And he CERTAINLY wasn’t going to wear blue. I mean, why wear blue when you can wear gender neutral, earthy colors while you go on camping trips and hikes in the woods with your tomboy mama? Blue is for…blue is for…gorgeous little children with blond curls and bright blue eyes???

The first time I realized he looked absolutely angelic in baby blue was when he was about 15 months old, and I broke down and put a hand me down fleece on him that was a light sky blue. MAN. Did his bright blue eyes POP with that jacket on! So while I’ve never pushed it on him, especially since it’s NOT his beloved pink, I do reeeeally enjoy it when he does wear blue.

Last week he had an ALL blue day. You see, he gets rather attached to articles of clothing and has a hard time giving them up. Even though this particular outfit isn’t one of his favorites, he did want to wear the old school Smurfs shirt one more time before it was too small. And so he did. And it was fabulous for me to see his blue eyes shine.

Of course, his eyes also may have been shining because we spent the entire day outdoors and much of the day on our bikes. We rode nearly ten miles that day and he had such a very adventurous afternoon at the park. For the first time, I saw him cross the monkey bars over and over with finesse, whereas before he couldn’t get past two of the little buggers. He was jumping off of play structures, running around begging for me to chase him. He also…<gasp!> got his hands dirty! Then we road some more…all while he was throwing his feet up in the air, squealing with delight. We stopped to smell a lovely magnolia tree and play in the fallen petals. We headed home for dinner on the front porch swing and some catching up on our reading Mary Poppins. When bedtime came around he was out in record time, snuggled up to Moo Cow.

Oh, how I wish we had more days like this.

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One thought on “My Baby In Blue

  1. bindance on said:

    It is fascinating how colors can be used to gender stereotype children. I would like to share a website after a name of her book “Pink & Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America” just published by Professor Jo Paoletti from the University of Maryland. The link is

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