You Can’t Keep A Creative Kid Down…

No “girls clothes” on the plane ride, you say? No problem. That’s what Madrid Plaid is for!

Especially if it’s worn top *AND* bottom!

Enjoy your week, sweet boy! I’ll be missing you!

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4 thoughts on “You Can’t Keep A Creative Kid Down…

  1. Wow, the blue in that shirt makes his eyes pop! I found my way over here from “Chasing My Rainbow” and am really enjoying going through all your posts. Such beautiful pictures, and what a beautiful little boy!

    • And to think that I tried so hard not to put him in blue for the first year or two because I wanted to be “gender neutral!” Thank you for your compliments on the pictures and the boy…I’m rather proud of both! ;o)

      • You are very welcome! I like the idea of being “gender-diverse” rather than “gender-neutral” and giving kids lots of different options and colors to choose from!

  2. Oh, I’ve grown into “gender-diverse” over the past six years! 😉 Although I’ll say that if it were up to my bug…only one color would exist and that color would NOT be blue!

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