Be Happy, Beautiful Boy.

Tomorrow afternoon my sweet boy hops a plane and heads out to visit his dad for a week. Some of you already know that his dad does NOT approve of his choice of appearance or his choice of some interests. This is the second time that he has specifically asked our little sparkling being NOT to wear “girls clothes” when he gets on the plane to come visit. So for the past three days he has worn dresses, tights and sparkles of all sorts. He’s trying very hard to “stock up” for the week, if you will. Seriously…do you all see the joy on this boy’s face? Does it LOOK like allowing him the freedom to *be* is anything but wonderful? Oh, how he sparkles! I’m going to miss you this week, bug!




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3 thoughts on “Be Happy, Beautiful Boy.

  1. ArthurGrow on said:

    My name is Arthur, I am from Brazil and have 19 years old.
    I am a transgender too (I am actually a guy that wants to be a girl) and I loved your action in supporting your son.
    He is really beautiful and cute!

    Asking your question: Your child’s smile is a pure and free smile; I hope to see more histories and photos of your son n_n

  2. What a beautiful eye… 😉

  3. Poor kid. Has to supress his desire to dress girly for a week just because it makes dad uncomfortable. I think dad is in serious need of a clue.

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