Almost Famous

Noah Sage: “Mama…did you ever want to be famous when you were a kid?”

Mama: “Hmmmm…I can’t really remember, Noah, I don’t think so. Why? What about you?”

Noah Sage: “I wanna be a famous boy, mama!”

Mama: “What do you want to be famous for?”

Noah: “I want to be famous for wearing so much PINK!”

Mama: “Blow it up, Noah!!”

(Noah gives me knuckles and blows it up)

Do you think this is enough pink to make him famous? ;o)


Mask: Opposite of Far

Super Suit: Urban Flamingo

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3 thoughts on “Almost Famous

  1. I just wanna’ cover him in glitter and I hope that isn’t weird. Where is his outfit from?

    • I edited to add links in the post but the mask is from Opposite Of Far and the suit is Urban Flamingo. :O) And I think he’d love to be covered in glitter! :O)

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