A Love Letter

Dear Noah,

I love you. A lot. I want you to know that…always and forever. But more important than me loving you, dear boy, I want YOU to love you. I want you to wake up in the mornings, happy and confident with who you are. Please, love, promise me you will look in the mirror and appreciate your whole self: body, mind and soul. Some people may come along and tell you that you are different, ugly, unlovable. It happens. Some can be cruel. They will challenge your strength and courage to be who you are. I am here to tell you that I will do my best to give you all the love and support you need to stand up to the cruelties of life. I will be here to make sure your love for yourself strengthens, and does not weaken. I promise not to be one of those who tries to change you at the deepest core of your being. I will embrace you just as you are. I hope that you always will, too. Because that, dear Noah, is true love.

Love Always,


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4 thoughts on “A Love Letter

  1. We still need to meet for that bike ride even though we are not neighbors anymore. I love this blog. You are an amazing mom! (Stephanie)

  2. So well said. He is a beautiful boy. I feel so encouraged for my son reading your blog.

  3. oh, those eyes. so soulful. and what a beautiful love letter this is.

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