I love you. But only today.

I’m so not a Valentine’s Day fan. I mean, seriously…could you come up with a more contrived “holiday?” I like to do things on random days, for random reasons. Not because Hallmark or any other company wants to make money off of me. So even though I’m not a VD fan I still had fun today. I woke up. I made heart shaped chocolate pancakes with homemade berry syrup. I romped in the snow (!) with sparkle kid. Pulled him around. Spun him in circles. Threw snowballs at his face. Yep. His face. ‘Sokay…he laughed his ass off. We had a playdate. I stayed in the land of domesticity (aka the kitchen) all FREAKING day. Talking and laughing with a dear friend while our kids laughed and played. Doing dishes. Making chocolate chew cookies. Doing more dishes. Making homemade Chana Masala. Doing some more dishes. Then the kiddo decided he wanted to make Valentines for everyone he knows. And he wanted to put coins in all of the envelopes as gifts. I had to veto that one. Nicely, of course. As sweet as it is, I can’t fathom paying the postal service MORE to send an envelope than what’s inside it. ;o) Then I got a personal performance of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!” Finally, my Dick Van Dyke wannabe and I went for a walk…well, I pulled him on the sled while he pretended there was more snow than what we actually got. Then papa came home with a raspberry tart for him and a six pack of mixed craft beer for me. I just finished one. Dark Truth Stout. It rocks. A lot. It’s one of my top three brews right now. Thanks papa. And thanks, sparkly little dude. You rocked the VD.

And as a VERY side note, completely off topic: Warpaint. Burgundy. On FIRE hot. Wow.

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4 thoughts on “I love you. But only today.

  1. right , but from looking at this you ARE a fan of V-day, your own way 😉

  2. Is he Broadway-bound, or what? His expressions kill me!

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