Today Scott traveled to W.V. to drop the Augs off. Noah and I rode, we played, we ate, we conquered. We managed to stay on the outskirts of the madness…limiting ourselves to going no further into downtown than the City Market to see our buddy, Andre, set off yet another awesome stick bomb creation. If you haven’t seen him yet…HERE is his video that not only went viral but also landed him a spot on the Anderson Cooper show. He’s a pretty kick ass kid, and we were pumped to cheer him on today.

After riding around all day, hanging out and treating ourselves to Yats and Flying Cupcake (YAY! They BOTH had vegan options today!!), Noah was SPENT. Lucky for him, Papa Scott got in town just in time to pick him up and save him the ride back home. A great time was had but, ultimately, a day ending with cuddles and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is never a bad day.

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One thought on “Superwhaaaaa?

  1. He is the cutest!!

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