The Reading Nook.

Saturday Scott spent the day traveling to and from West Virginia, picking up Auggie. This meant it was a Noah/Mama Saturday. I love family days, really I do. I look forward to those tiny little slivers of time when we can all do fun things together. Like the night before, when we all went to IRT to see Super Soul, the Motown performance by Dance Kaleidoscope. Outstanding performance, great family evening. But with homeschooling, Skyping, work, mama time, dance lessons, playdates and such…Noah and I don’t have too many days where we just chill. All day long. Saturday was one of those days. Slow to get up, slow to get moving…but it was a productive and fun day. We spent most of the day painting Noah’s once closet-now reading nook. It started off with a leftover pale pink…then we mixed it with the leftover red from the living room. PERFECT! Well, perfect for Noah. ;o) Noah did most of it up to about shoulder height. He cleaned, taped and painted. We finished the day off with a skateboarding trip to the store for rice and beer. The rice for his koshary for dinner. The beer for mama. :O)Now if papa and I could just get one of those days.


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5 thoughts on “The Reading Nook.

  1. Oooooh! I love Noah’s reading nook!

  2. I love that he put on proper painting clothes – gotta love carhardt bibs! And the reading nook is devine!

    • So funny, isn’t it? :O) And he forgot until half way through that he still had on his pink shirt…so he had to change so as not to get his pink shirt dirty…with pink paint. Ha!

  3. so cute! and I love that last photo of him with the pink skateboard.

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